GS0305 Separate ESS/AC Hub + LFP





  • Build-in bidirectional inverter , say goodbye to external AC adapters, and charge with ease.
  • Seamless switching between grid power and battery supply, no more fear of sudden power outages.
  • Utilizing high-efficiency fast charging technology, expediting charging while saving time.
  • Stay powered up during load-shedding with reliable LiFePO4 batteries, built to last up to 5000 cycles.
  • BMS comprehensive safety protection mechanisms, maintaining stable performance and reliable safety.




Model No:GL48100 Battery

  • Bettery chemistry:LiFePO4
  • Battery cell Life:5000 cycles,SOH >70%, 25°C± 2C, 0.5C, 80% DoD
  • Charging mode:CC-CV
  • Rated capacity [Wh]:5120Wh (51.2V 100Ah)
  • IP rating:IP43
  • Weight:≈ 52kg
  • Dimensions:600mm (L) × 198mm (W) × 435mm (H)
  • Certification:UN38.3 / CE


Model No: Smart Energy Hub(GC03HV/ GC03LV)

  • AC output (with load) [W]:AC output × 2 @3000W in total, peak@6000W for 500ms
  • AC output (Voltage / Frequency):220-230Vac, 50Hz/110-120Vac, 60Hz
  • AC input (Voltage / Frequency):220-230Vac, 50Hz/110-120Vac, 60Hz
  • AC charging:35A default. 50A Max
  • Wide input voltage range:150-275Vac/60-150Vac
  • Wide frequency input range:46-64Hz
  • Charging and discharging efficiency:93%
  • UPS feature:Yes
  • Emergency power backup:Yes
  • Weight:≈ 7.5kg
  • Dimensions:600mm (L)× 200mm(W)× 90mm(H)
  • Certification:CE





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