GE0605H & GE0610H Hybrid All-in-One ESS



* Stylish appearance with an integrated design.
* Build-in hybrid inverter with EMS. On-grid and off-grid modes available.
* EnergyFlow --Smart control app.
* Online real-time monitoring platform greatly improves after-sales service efficiency.
* Long battery life: over 6000 cycles.
* Wide MPPT range, two strings up to 500V.
* Fast charging, less than two hours @1C charging rate.
* Able to drive heavy loads.
* High efficiency >97%.
* Fanless design, <20dB noise level.
* Build-in LCD display.

* 6kW/5kWh, 6kW/10kWh options.




GL48100 LiFePO4 Battery



* Compatible with the majority of inverters currently available on the market.
* Up to 15 batteries(75kWh) can be connected in parallel, allowing scalability.
* The modular design of GL48100 enables easy and fast installation.
* High capacity usage rate @1C charging & discharging.
* Particularly suitable for powering critical loads when used with off-grid inverters.
* GL48100 is equipped with intelligent protection features and warning indicators.
* Its mounting bracket is specifically designed for easy installation.


GLDP-5166 Blade LiFePO4 Battery




* 51.2V 6.6kWh LiFePO4 blade battery- offer higher energy density compared to tranditional batteries.

* Extended battery life- a longer life span, with over 6000 charge-discharge cycles.

* Compact and light weight design.

* Superior safety performance (BYD LiFePO4 blade cells build-in)

* Increased space utilization - Over 50% more space utilization compared to other lithium batteries.



GCI Series Ener Hexon™ Smart100
All-in-one Smart Distributed ESS





Ener Hexon™ Smart100 All-in-one ESS consists of power battery cluster,
hybrid inverter,variable frequency temperature control system, BMS, EMS, 
combined precision suppression and burst suppression fire protection
system, electrical auxiliary equipment and weather-resistant sheet metal
cabinet, and the capacity of the ESS is 50kW/98.304kWh.



GE series Off-grid All-in-one ESS




* Ideal for residential use with a compact design.

* The inverter can handle heavy loads with ease thanks to its low-frequency.

* A seamless backup time of less than 4ms.

* Manage your system with ease using the simple EnergyFlow App.

* Two people can do quick and easy installation in under an hour.

* Quickly scale up your system by adding more batteries.

* High-efficiency DC-AC conversion system for optimal performance.

* The battery has a long cycle life for reliable power over time.

* 4kW/5kWh,6kW/10kWh,8kW/10kWh options.







* 12.8V 75Ah (GLAR1210BT-T) & 25.6V 75Ah (GLAR2420BT-T) lead acid replacement battery.

* Easy-carry handle.

* High energy density.

* Build-in BMS with safety protection.

* Blue-tooth App for status monitoring.

* Scalable: GLAR1210BT-T up to 4units in series / GLAR2420BT-T up to 2 units in series.



GLH Series High-Voltage LiFePO4 Battery



* 5.12kWh LiFePO4 high-voltage battery modules.
* Stackable for high voltage.
* Scalable for more backup time & capacity.
* Easy installation with fast plug-in connectors
* 90% depth of discharge (DoD).
* Over 6000 cycles battery life.
* Compatible with multi-brand inverters on the market.


GS0305 Separate ESS/AC Hub + LFP



* Stable operation, adapting to various * power environments
* Exceptional load adaptability
* Easy one-wire charging, efficient and rapid charging experience
* Smart UPS feature
* Ultra-fast charging speed, redefining quick-charging experience
* Durable LiFePO4 battery cells
* BMS multi-level safety protection


GM2000 Movable Energy Storage Power Station



* One-Wire AC charging effortless control
* Smart UPS seamless switching
* Quick charging amazing speed
* Extra-long battery life emergency hero
* Power the future with solar charging
* Thoughtful screen-off feature for a quiet companion
* Stylish design with rear-mounted interface
* Swappable battery module for easy removal


GB-100kW / 2MWh Commerical Energy Storgae Solution





GB-100kW / 2MWh Commerical Energy Storgae Solution is the integration of battery, environmental monitoring, communication and other equipment into a standard container unit.